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Are you your own Guru?

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The Intentionality Gurus are certified life - business coaches devoted to helping  you  holistically grow your personal wisdom about work-business and personal life choices. All coaching is life coaching which often starts with how you think: about your work, your personal life, yourself. But like the submerged part of an iceberg, hidden factors drive a lot of our thoughts.  We help you identify limiting thoughts which hold you back. 


Limited beliefs limit our choices and outcomes. They occur automatically like breathing.  They can undermine progress toward our goals if left unquestioned.  

Guru combines two Sanskrit words and means "one who removes the darkness of ignorance".  We help you reveal  hidden limiting beliefs that hold you back and support your personal and business growth so you can become your own Guru.  


Finding the right coach may seem daunting--where to start or what to expect? This is why we offer a free Discovery Call to explore your needs and goals to see if we are a good fit.  

We maintain several certifications and are members of the International Coaching Federation.  We have 15 years of experience coaching advisors and individuals across the U.S. Our joy is helping you create the life and work you will love, not just tolerate.



Our ePrograms cover core concepts and tools we use in coaching. While they are not substitutes for live coaching, they can cause you to see things from new perspectives and trigger insights. They are available via email, online or podcasts. We update them as we find new ideas or in response to client needs.


Our one to one life coaching and business coaching programs link your needs and objectives with our tools. We explore your objectives, challenges, and opportunities and help you design effective strategies to achieve your goals--personal and/or business. These sessions are online or by phone.


Our group programs are single events or a series of events organized around topics with participation among attendees and/or guest coaches. Or they can be a single client team's private event or retreat with topics of their choice facilitated by a coach. Group programs can be in person or online.


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We talk about everything from how our thoughts, not events, drive a large part of how we feel and behave to various tools to try at home to gain greater insights into your own blindspots and opportunities in life. Listen live. Call in. Check our Schedule: 


Single woman seeking new life after divorce

TIG has helped me see where I was holding myself back and tolerating a life I wasn't enjoying.  Everything seems so simple now.  I love the direction I am forging.  J.G. (Brooklyn, NY)

Professional advisor seeking work-life balance w/o losing profits

I used to work crazy hours with no time for my family or myself. I learned tips and techniques from self-help books and programs but never quite sustained "success" until I did coaching with The Intentionality Gurus.  I had some personal insights that permanently changed how I relate to time and commitments so I can reach my goals.  N.B. (Waco, TX) 

Solopreneur with personnel challenges

I thought I was just going to get some techniques on how to market and manage my employees better.  I got that but I also got a huge sea change in how I "be" in my own head and life.   G.H. (Chicago, IL)

Certifications, Training & Experience

  • International Coach Federation Member
  • Associate Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Martha Beck Coach
  • 6 Sigma Green & Black Belt Training
  • Mentor Coach, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Mentor Coach, Lifetime Growth Program
  • Mentor Coach, Medicaid Practice Systems/Lawyers With Purpose
  • Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist® 
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified intenSati® Leader

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