The Benefits of Working with a Life Coach

As a COACH ADVOCATE I (Karen Hale) encourage our listeners and their friends to consider working with a COACH.  Coaching differs from therapy and counseling.  Your coach (or coaches) will provide you with the opportunity to observe yourself while engaging in mindfulness and make the changes/alterations in your life that you desire.

The life coach is a professionals who will help you achieve personal or professional goals. (Many are certified or licensed, but at this time their is no regulation that one must be certified or licensed.  Having a background in communication, training and understand the listening skills needed, as well as a background through education or experience that allows the Coach to assist you on your journey.  Most coaches offer a free session for the client (you) to establish a comfort level as well as for the coach to determine if he/she will be able to lead in a professional manner.

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Candace Pollock will be joining, Alison Pena & Carol Kalnow when they will invite you to listen to their new podcast on  Grief BeLief will share their personal stories of loss and grief as well as welcome you the listeners to share your journey, as none of us will leave this life without the experience of grief!  (Grief effects us all but not always in the same way!)

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