Welcome to 2024

Soon Date and Time to be announced – Candace Pollock coaches Positive Intelligence – This program is impactful and anyone who wants to obtain their best self will benefit from this program.  Candace will be announcing her next session.

I took Positive Intelligence with Candace and in my group, POD, I met some wonderful lifelong friends.  We keep each other accountable in the most positive way, I am grateful for the opportunity to become the best version of myself.  (It is a constant work of art.)


The Intentionality Gurus has been on hiatus but returned today, 5 February 2024.  We hope you will continue to follow us and participate by letting us know if we can provide any information that is important to you.  Both Candace and Karen faced some life changing situations since the Fall of 2023 but we are ready to provide bi-weekly podcasts that we hope will provide some highlights for us all to become our best selves.