What is a Life/Career Coach?

Who qualifies as a Personal Coach?

  • A personal or business coach is an individual who has studied and learned the fundamentals of the coaching practice.
  • Coaches work with clients in various areas including personal relationships and personal growth.
  • Personal growth may include business, career, finances, and health.
  • A coach guides their client to set better goals, taking action, making better decisions, and using their natural strengths,

Coaching is not Therapy!

  • Working with a coach can be a powerful solution in solving issues or attaining goals through guidance.
  • If you want someone to listen to your problems and explore your feelings – you are looking for a therapist, not a coach.

The Keys to an Effective Coaching Session

  • Listening – the coach must be a good listener and not respond judgmentally.
  • Encouragement – the coach guides the client to reflect, examine. and explore their thoughts. …
  • Strengths – the coach directs the conversation for self-evaluation,
  • Challenges – through direct dialogue the coach will have you face the obstacles that will provide opportunities.
  • Make it Real – leave your baggage outside the door and allow yourself the awareness for change while being guided by your coach.
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