17 April 2023 The Intentionality Gurus_Candace Pollock, ‘ARE YOUR GOALS DESIGNED FOR FAILURE OR SUCCESS’ 41723

If you would like to be a podcast host or guest please contact Karen at [email protected] This episode explores the role of “expectations” in goal-setting and how ignoring them can thwart success with goals. Expectation [‘a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future:’] https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntentionalityGurus
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4 April 2023 “Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock_Being Blind to Automatic Assumptions”

This episode explores “default” assumptions and how they operate unnoticed as automatic filters through which we perceive and experience our daily lives–for better or worse. Making Assumptions- Good or Bad – Is there a Good or Bad?

20 March 2023 “The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock WHAT DO YOU WANT vs. WHAT YOU ASK FOR? ”

This episode digs into the foundation upon which we build our goals and lives to get to what we say we want, to discover factors that can keep us from getting there. It starts with our slippery relationship with the words “want” and “ask” when it comes to setting goals and the projects and tasks necessary to reach them, whether for and through others or for ourselves. Not being clear in our own minds means we can cloak necessary tasks (leading to our bigger “wants”) as “asks”, fooling others and ourselves about which are negotiable and which are not. This in turn can lead to habitual disappointment, distrust, and conceding ground as to whether, when, and how much our “wants” are met.

13 March 2023  “Are You Over-Committed?”

What does over commitment mean to you?  Do you know when saying “YES” is not the right answer, and saying “NO” may be to final, what if you said, “Let me think (or consider) that.”

Before you commit, PAUSE, and think about it.  (There is no timeframe to the pause, take what you need.)

Check out Martha Beck https://marthabeck.com/  find your purpose and commit to being your best.

Laura Vanderkam https://lauravanderkam.com/ 

“Spend more time on the things that matter, and less on the things that don’t.”

9 March 2023 Time Keeps on Tick in’
If we choose to be our Authentic Self we need to take the time to look deep inside and identify with that SELF.  Introspective thoughts can be painful and yet rewarding.  Change is something you can control…The Choice is yours – Time Keeps on Tick in’ – Don’t let it pass you by.
(karen hale – finding the guru inside.)

23 February 2023
Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock_ Time “Evaporation” 22323

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of a day or week and wondered, “Where did all that time go?”/”What do I have to show for it?”, you are probably experiencing “time evaporation”. This episode will explore how and why time evaporation occurs and some ways to gain a greater sense of impact from our time.

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6 February 2023
The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock _ Being Intentional with Shallow Work 2_6_23

Much of our daily existence can be consumed by the distractions of “shallow work”, tasks that don’t require deep focus and attention, leaving us feeling like we didn’t get much done for the day. While some of it may be “necessary”, most of it doesn’t add new value to our lives or move us toward our goals. Today’s podcast explores what “shallow work” is, why it is important to keep it in check, and how to do so.

Laura Vanderkam helps people spend more time on what matters, and less on what doesn’t.


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28 January 2023
The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock “Practicing EXTREME Ownership” 1_28_23

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We can have aspirations for a better new year–creating goals/resolutions, schedules, and habits to achieve them. However, if life will do what life does: throw us curve balls which can disrupt our best laid plans. Today’s podcast explores the work of several mindset and goal gurus toward gaining new perspectives on how to handle inevitable life disruptions to increase the odds we will reach our goals.

Not knowing what today’s topic was going to be – Karen wrote this blog:
Word of the Day is NO!  I am typically a YES person, keeping everyone happy and helping others accomplish their tasks reaching their goals and feeling used even though I was sincere in helping, I often find myself asking the same question over and over again, WHY? Why do I give up my time, energy, resources for others when I need to provide myself the same luxury I provide to others. We all need to know when to say “NO”, and stop playing the nice ‘guy’ when it is not in our best interests physically, physiologically, and mentally. For most of life I thought being the nice ‘guy’ or ‘gal’ meant saying Yes and pleasing everyone, even when it felt wrong and painful. However, I continued to make the attempt to please others because that is what I brought to believe I had to do. Today’s parents are teaching their children to be more mindful and to politely use the word ‘NO’ when the word ‘YES’ is wrong. The futures of tomorrow are learning to be mindful of their needs as much as those of the people around them. Using the word ‘NO’ can have a positive affect on you. Instead of committing to others you are making choices that benefit you and not in a selfish manner. When saying ‘YES’ it is important that you are vested in what you offer to do. You are not a ‘bad’ person for saying ‘NO’. I have learned that oftentimes what we don’t do determines what we can do, often quoted by Tim Ferriss (author). “We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no’.” (Author unknown) Thanks to my training in “Personal Intelligence”, I am learning the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no’.

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18 January 2023
The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock “Tame the Hamster Wheel!” 1_18_23

An epidemic of busyness can threaten to keep us on a “hamster wheel” of “doing”. We over-commit, under-estimate how we are going to “get it all done”, and our time and attention are often hijacked by the competing demands of our work, family, and personal habits. Together, these can undermine our sense of success and personal fulfillment.Today’s episode explores this epidemic and a “place setting” of tools we can cultivate to tame the hamster wheel.
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19 December 2022
The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Pollock, “Broken Water Heaters & Time Management” 12_19_22

Author and TED Talk Speaker, Laura Vanderkam reminds us that everyone has the same number of hours each week. How we use or abuse them dictates our level of satisfaction in our daily endeavors. Today’s podcast explores ways to change our thinking about how to think about our use of time. Candace walks me (Karen Hale) through various scenarios (unrehearsed) allowing me to visualize and assess how I may find the time I want and need to accomplish not just work but moments of pleasure. Follow the Intentionality Gurus at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Inten…
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5 December 2022
The Intentionality Gurus with Candace Smith “The Myth of Time, Scarcity” 12_5_22

Who, in today’s over-committed and multi-tasking society, hasn’t thought, “there is not enough time to get it all done!”? Juggling competing obligations takes a toll on our health, relationships, and productivity. Today’s podcast explores our relationship to time and ways to shift this mindset.
Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours. This is the link to her TedTalk:
This link leads to the book & resources by Demir and Carey Bentley.

17 November 2022
The Intentionality Gurus_CandacePollock_HOW DOES “ADDITIVE” BIAS KEEP YOU STUCK IN OVERWHELM11/17/22
Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect and business guru, recently spoke about our human bias to add things to our plates (tasks, possessions, commitments, apps, etc.) rather than delete them. This human tendency can grow our general sense of overwhelm with the feeling we need to be more productive and turn to more external tools to fix our challenges. Today’s podcast explores a different approach that can stop the additive bias and fix the underlying root causes of our challenges.


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15 November 2022
Led by Candace Pollock – Continuing the conversation of GRIEF during the holidays.

  • It is important to share what you need, what you don’t need or to admit you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED
  • It is important to allow yourself choices with no explanation or JUDGEMENT from yourself or others.
  • It is important to accept there is NO RIGHT or WRONG way to GRIEVE.

If you can’t make a choice to join others or to be alone – know it is OK to change your mind.
When in a group you may feel left out, or overly engaged with, you cam simply say “I have no Words”, “I’m out of Cope”, “I’m not READY…”

Meet Our Podcast Coaches:

Join Candace Pollock, Alison Pena, Carol Kalnow, Kristy Anderson, and Karen Hale for a monthly podcast dealing with the reality of grief; GRIEF BeLIEF!

17 October 2022
In today’s podcast –  Candace Pollock walks Karen through various scenarios to illustrate the topic of, “Dominate Your Winning Protocol”. Taking a cue from sports, this podcast explores what “mental game” coaches have long known: that athletes’ daily protocols are the best predictors of whether they will produce winning results and how to cultivate and dominate your own Winning Protocol for your best version of yourself.

Protocols set the foundation – to better understand a protocol it is a procedure that sets forth rules of engagement.  A protocol may be a routine you use to start your day or to get back on track if you get side railed.

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3 October 2022|
What is Your Soul Force

Today we explore a fundamental human need discussed by ancient philosophers such as Aristotle to modern psychologists such as Maslow: The need for “self-actualization”–being the most one can be, and how to grow our unique soul force towards it.
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Join Candace Pollock, Personal Coach & Karen Hale (Producer & Coach Advocate) in a recording of the Intentionality Gurus. Experience the tools Candace uses to help guide and engage as we follow our path of life. Introduce yourself to the opportunities that lay ahead. Do not be afraid, change is inevitable. Be the CAPTAIN of your own ship. Sail it to your next destination.

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